Saturday, March 22, 2008

More rain for Tamilnadu

The MET department has forecasted more rain for Tamilnadu today.The heavy rain in Tamilnadu is because of the unexpected depression in the Arabian Sea.Already nine people have lost their lives and also the southern districts and Delta region are in a sheet of water.The crops have got washed out and also about 70 villages have been cut off from the mainstream.Over 2000 people have been moved to safer places.The Chief minister Mr.Karunanidhi has urged all the ministers to rush to flood affected areas and carry out their duties towards the affected people properly.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Musharaff given death sentence!

The anti Musharaff campaign is getting bigger than ever before.The anti Musharaff parties are trying to knock him off from the president post quickly and the legal fraternities have taken it to an altogether new level.The mock court has implicated President Musharaff and awarded him a capital punishment.In a mock session, a three-member court comprising Karachi Bar Association President Mehmood-ul-Hasan and Sindh Bar Council members Sathi Ishaque and Mohammed Ali Abbasi, heard the charges against Musharraf.Musharaff has a long ardous journey ahead and he is in big trouble.

Clinton vs Obama

Democratic candidates for the White house Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton have now agreed to two debates before their clash on April 22 for the Pennsylvania.Obama has accepted two debates with the ABC at Philadelphia on the 16 th April and after that with the CBS in North Carolina three days later.The North Carolina is to hold a primary on May 6th.The Clinton side said that the first debate had been accepted but the second one is yet to be finalised.Well the race for the White house is getting heated up and this seems to be a tantalizing prospect.

Airports return to normal state

The authorities have said that the airports were restored to the normal condition and also cleaning operation in the airports were in full swing today.The national wide strike of the employees of all the airports were called off and the normal flights were operated upon in the four metropolitan cities of Kolkata,Mumbai,Delhi and Chennai.The passengers were the most affected as heaps of garbage became collected and also toilets were cleaned as they became very dirty.Though the flight operations were not affected during this two day strike what affected the people most were sanitation,water supply and also other ground facilities.Well everybody are happy now that the normal condition is restored in airports.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Kashmir Singh who was released to India from Pakistan on a pardon by Musharaff said that he was a spy from India and did the job for his country.He was freed from the country after 35 years and deplored that the successive governments which came at the centre did nothing for his welfare.He also said that no efforts were taken by the governments for his welfare and also his country's welfare and deplored that he was disppointed that by the attitude of the Indian government.He had been sent to spy on Pakistan for a meagre sum of 400 rupees per month.In Pakistan he was known by the name of Ibrahim.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I will be back

Well guys as you all know these are the challenging moments of my blogging career.I had maintained two of my blogs very well but google showed his aggression against me.But the fact of the matter is I will be back and I will be stronger than ever and will withstand google's ferocious scrapping of page rank rather effortlessely.As an initiative I have started this blog and I pray to the almighty to give a very long life to this blog.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


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